Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Democrats Broke the Constitution - If We Don't Use that Opening to Fix Things, The Republic is Lost

I spent much of the two months following the 2020 election arguing with Democrats who pretended that Joe Biden actually won.  Their line was: “Prove it was fraudulent”.  I couldn’t.  “There was no fraud” we were told by the media, every branch of government, academics, Democrats and the TDS afflicted GOP establishment types.  That fiction continues to this day, and the truth is, they have a point.  As of today, there is not a single court case that has established any significant coordinated effort to steal the election.  Every single case brought by Donald Trump and his compatriots either failed in court or failed to be considered by courts because of “standing” or some other technicality.

Now, however, three years later, with everything from Molly Ball’s TIME magazine boast to Mollie Hemingway’s brilliant Rigged to the poorly made but tantalizing 2000 Mules to the Twitter files, it’s as clear as day to anyone with a functioning brain that the Democrats conspired with the rest of America’s elite leftist cabal to steal the election, and succeeded. 

One might think that the clear theft of an election of the most powerful office in the world would be enough to cause a revolution in the streets, but that didn’t happen.  Indeed, when a few thousand unarmed patriots sought to force the government to at least examine the questions about said election on January 6th 2021, many ended up in gulags with their lives destroyed.

Even years later when it was clear to anyone with a pulse that elites manipulated every element of our voting system and stole the election, nothing happened.  Not only did no one go to jail for that treachery, but they were allowed to do the exact same thing two years later in Arizona, an ostensibly red state.

Arizona essentially watched in real time as its election was manipulated and the office of Governor was stolen from Kari Lake.  But here we are 11 months later and Katie Hobbs is still sitting in the Governor’s office and Kari Lake is still fighting in the courts. 

Just to the East, Tucker Carlson just interviewed Texas AG Ken Paxton, who was just acquitted of corruption charges.  Paxton discussed the problems afflicting what’s supposed to be blood red Texas.  He talked about the Speaker of a GOP dominated House being elected by Democrats, and even more treacherously, about the state’s highest criminal court – populated by Republicans – taking away his ability to investigate voter fraud, thereby leaving it to George Soros backed local AGs to do, which is scheduled to happen the day after Hell freezes over. 

All of which brings us to 2024.  It’s true that there have been no court cases that have determined that the 2020 election was stolen, but just as every American knows that OJ was guilty, every American knows that the 2020 election was stolen, even if they refuse to admit it. The problem is, corruption is designed to be hard to see and much of the government, both the investigative and judicial arms are part of the swamp that wants to keep the fraud hidden.  Proving it takes far longer than the period of time between the election and the inauguration. 

Just like the Russian collusion hoax and the Hunter Biden laptop story however, eventually the media will come around to admitting that which we all know already, that the 2020 presidential election was indeed stolen.  But just like the two aforementioned stories, the truth will not emerge until long after its release would be helpful to the American people. 

The question is, what are freedom loving, Constitution loving Americans supposed to do in a situation where the theft is happening right in front of them in real time and they’re told that what they’re seeing isn’t what’s actually going on?  Between early voting, absentee voting, vote harvesting and computer voting, America’s voting system is simply broken. Not only is it broken, but the courts, filled with activist, partisan judges offer little or no outlet to address the problem.  Indeed, even the Supreme Court offers no opportunity for fixing the problem as can be seen by its allowing Pennsylvania’s courts to change the state’s voting laws in clear violation of the US Constitution then by refusing Texas’s case based on the ludicrous grounds of “Standing”. 

Today, we are faced with the fact that regardless of what a Constitutional majority of Americans vote for, the outcome of the presidential and other elections is not up to them. America is not only no longer a Republic, we’re not even a democracy in the loose sense of the word.  America is no longer a democratic nation at all, it’s a nation managed and manipulated by a cabal of elites.  If things like what happened nationally in 2020 and in 2022 in Arizona continue, there will eventually be a civil war.  It’s only a question of time.

In 247 years ago 55 men, propelled by a tyrannical government in which they had no say but which demanded their fealty and taxed them at will, signed a document that would change the course of human history.  Today Americans find themselves with even less control than the Founding Fathers did, beholden to a tyrannical leviathan like government run by an elitist cabal that manufactures the outcomes it desires. 

Power almost never gives up power willingly, but the possibility still exists.  If Americans, win or lose can once again feel confident that their votes count and that success is based on the number of votes cast and not the number of ballots manufactured, we might be able to avert another conflagration.

How might that happen?.  Here are five simple changes that would fix this problem, but they’ll never see the light of day as Democrats have no incentive to fix the current system.

1) Make election day a national holiday.
2) Eliminate early voting.
3) Eliminate absentee ballots for anyone other than persons provably outside of their registered state on election day.
4) Eliminate electronic voting.
5) Implement universal Voter ID.

Every state should be forced to comply, regardless of what the Constitution says.  “Why that’s tyranny!!!” you say.  Maybe, but the reality is, the Constitution was already shredded by Democrats via the manufactured hysteria over Covid.  We were told that the “emergency” was sufficient to disregard the Constitution. I’d suggest that if what was basically a bad case of the flu can be considered an emergency sufficient to go ignore the Constitution, then averting a bloody civil war is at least as much of an emergency.  Unlike what we were told about the Covid threat, a civil war would actually result in the loss of millions of lives and would leave devastation in its wake like Americans have never seen.   

Of course, using the same rationale, environmentalist fascists might eventually argue that “Climate Change” is an emergency too.  They could and would make the argument and try and use it to eviscerate what’s left of the Constitution. Admittedly it’s a slippery slope, but that’s where Democrats have put us.  As they learned when Harry Reid tried a “limited” overturning of the filibuster, once something is broken, there is no such thing as “limited”.  Democrats broke our Constitution to steal an election. If we don’t do something, we will eventually become a nation of serfs in the service of lords in Washington, New York and Silicon Valley.  If ignoring that broken Constitution is what’s necessary to give citizens’ back control over their government and avert a civil war, it might be worth considering. Our Republic is already gone, the question is, can we put it back together?