Monday, May 29, 2023

The Party of Science Ignores... Data

About 20 years ago I read a piece about the North Miami police department eliminating the swimming requirement for the police.  With a working knowledge of geography and having visited Miami many times, I thought this was a bit odd and kind of a bad idea.  After all, North Miami has hundreds of miles of canals, lakes and beaches. Predictably, the reason the requirement was being dropped was because “blacks are less likely than whites to know how to swim because of economic disparities between the groups…”  Basically because not enough blacks were qualifying to become police.

That was long before the cancer of wokeness had taken hold of much of America.  I was dumbfounded.  Nobody with a functioning brain would have looked at that situation and said we have to eliminate a key element of the job requirements so we can let more members of X group join.  But that’s what the people in charge decided.  If someone with a functioning brain were actually in charge they would have said something like, “If our goal is to have a more diverse workforce…” a questionable assertion in the first place “and not enough otherwise qualified black candidates can pass the swim test, maybe we should simply take those candidates who meet the other requirements and teach them how to swim.”

But that’s not what they did.  And that is just another demonstration that Democrats aren’t actually serious people seeking to help the communities they represent.  No, their goal was to cater to the “equity” crowd, even before it had a name.  And they have continued to do so for the last two decades. 

Take gun control.  They have been gun grabbing for decades.  They use every mass shooting as a lever to try and wrest guns out of the hands of Americans and eviscerate the 2nd Amendment.  While it is certainly the case that gun violence is a problem in America, the reality is, it’s not the guns, it’s the criminals and the Democrats who pamper them.

There are 350 million people in the United States.  Of those there are 280 million adults, 90 million of whom say they own at least one of America’s 400 million guns, with an average of almost 5 guns each.  And how frequently do those 90 million gun owners commit crimes with those guns?  Not very often.

It’s estimated that more than 80% of gun crimes are committed by people who came into possession of their weapons illegally, which means that conservatively 20% of gun crimes were perpetrated by legal gun owners.  There are almost 100,000 shootings in the United States each year (not counting suicides). If we assume that 20% of those shootings were by legal gun owners, that would be 20,000 shootings.  To put that in perspective, that would mean that .0002% of legal gun owners commit crimes with their weapons, or conversely, 99.9998% of legal gun owners never use their guns in crimes… As a matter of fact, despite what the Democrat media tell you, “Good guys with guns” help stop between 1/3 and ½ of all active shooter incidents nationwide.  But Democrats work continuously to take guns away from all of those apparently violence eschewing citizens while at the same time seeking to free actual violent criminals from jail or prison or not send them there in the first place.  And they are the ones who actually commit most of the crimes and the worst crimes, and it’s not even close.  Making matters worse, Democrats rarely seek to focus on the strong correlation between anti-depressants and violence, particularly with young people.  They would rather preen in front of cameras and accuse Republicans of having blood on their hands than actually focus on the real issues that spill so much blood. 

And there is indeed much blood on the hands of Democrats.  In what must seem counterintuitive to them, more gun control results in more mass shooting deaths.  California is a perfect example.  As it’s become more difficult for law abiding Californians to legally obtain guns over the decades, to the point where it’s almost impossible to actually exercise the right, the rate at which the state exceeds the rest of the country has skyrocketed:  From 2010 on, California’s per capita rate of mass public shootings was 43% higher than the rate in Texas and 29% higher than in the rest of the United States. Since 2020, the rate in California is 276% higher than in Texas and 100% higher than in the rest of the U.S.” That is partially because there are fewer of those “Good guys with guns”… In LA Country where one mass shooting took place this year there is one gun permit for every 5,660 adults and in San Mateo County, where another took place, there is one permit for every 24,630 adults. By comparison, there is one permit holder for every nine people in the 43 right-to-carry states.

Whether it’s murder on a small scale or a large, this data would only be of interest if someone were actually interested in solving the problem and reducing the amount of bloodshed.  Needless to say, Democrats rarely look at the data and conclude that making it easier to allow law abiding citizens to own weapons might actually help reduce said bloodshed.

Then there’s the border.  The Democrat Party, led by Liar in Chief Joe Biden, tells us that the American border is secure while Americans watch thousands of illegal immigrants stream across the border every single day. Those poor “asylum seekers” are given phones, have to promise to return to court to have their cases adjudicated – sometimes in 5 or 10 years – and are sent on their merry ways.  Of course many of those never even bother to show up for court. And hundreds of thousands more are simply released without even being given a court date.  To make things even more ridiculous, while they’re busy gaslighting the entire country, Democrats are shivving their single most solid constituency. 

Of course the border is not a new problem. In 1986 Ronald Reagan signed the Simpson-Mazzoli Act which granted asylum to 2.7 million illegal aliens in return for securing the border.  Democrats took the asylum and screwed Reagan and the nation on securing the border.  Since then no president other than Trump has had any interest in securing the border, and he was stymied at every single turn by Democrats and leftist judges.  The result is that today there are upwards of 40 million illegal aliens in the country with millions more crossing the border every year. 

Like the gun data, the data on illegal aliens isn’t hard to understand. It’s pretty simple math.  The phones alone the Biden administration gives to illegals cost $360,000 every day while in aggregate illegal aliens cost Americans $250 billion PER YEAR. To put that in perspective, the wall Trump wanted to build was estimated to have a price tag of under $25 billion.  And now, it’s only going to get worse with Biden ending the Trump era Title 42 which was the equivalent of trying to stop your car by dragging your feet on the ground, a-la Fred Flintstone.  But now that that’s gone Biden is sending 1,500 Army troops to help… let even more illegals in! 

Whether it’s standing on shore as victims drown in Miami, not allowing armed citizens to protect themselves and their communities or simply ignoring the costs associated with illegal immigration, it’s clear that Democrats aren’t serious people and don’t care about the average American. Given that Democrats demonstrate their disdain for citizens every single day one wonders why anyone votes for them.  Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?

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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Democrats are the Nigerian Prince Scammers of American Politics, and their Voters are the Dupes

 According to the American Heritage dictionary, this is the definition of Stupid

1.  Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.

2.  Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.

3.  Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless.

That applies to a lot of Americans… Democrat voters in general and in particular a majority of blacks, college students and white college educated women. 

Notice I said Democrat voters, not Democrat politicians.  Democrat politicians may be many things, hypocrites, liars, traitors and more, but they’re not stupid as defined above. Why?  Because they do exactly what they need to do in order to win and gain power and fortune. 

There’s perhaps no better example than Joe Biden… the man is a congenital liar .  Plagiarism has been a problem since he was in college and was actually the reason he withdrew from his first presidential campaign.  Indeed, Biden is a lying machine!  He claimed to have gone to college on a full scholarship, earned three degrees and graduated in the top of his class.  All lies

Biden’s career of lies only become more consequential and destructive as he ran for president in 2020.  Every campaign is full of hyperbole like “I’m going to cut taxes” or “I’ll be the education president”.  But with Biden the lies went far beyond white lies.  He told the American people the story of his son Hunter’s laptop was Russian propaganda, that he never discussed business with his son and perhaps most depressingly of all, once he became president he went on TV and told the country that “White supremacists” are the most dangerous threat to the nation.  All lies. 

But Joe Biden is not stupid, although even before dementia began to set in he probably wouldn’t have qualified for Mensa.  He may have never been the brightest bulb, but he was and is smart like a fox when it comes to accumulating money and power.

Not that there’s anything wrong with accumulating money and power.  Most Americans would like to be financially secure and have the power to improve the lives of those around them and perhaps beyond. But there’s a difference between grifting for a living and doing an honest day’s work.

The question is however, how does one guy of marginal intelligence get “elected” to the most powerful job in the world? Easy, Democrats are the Nigerian Princes of American politics.

We’re all familiar with the Nigerian Prince schemes. You get an email telling you that some prince has millions of dollars tied up in an American bank but they can’t get the money without paying some fee or tax, which, because of some visa application hiccup they can’t pay. If however you’ll just pay the $10,000 tax for them they can get their money and will send you millions. Seems legit…

Any normal person would read the email, often filled with misspellings and outlandish claims, and delete it as an obvious scam. But there are a certain number of people who will take the bait and don’t quite figure out that it’s a scam until their bank accounts are empty, or worse!

But here’s the thing, those misspellings and grammatical mistakes and outlandish claims aren’t a bug, they’re a feature! The whole point of the exercise isn’t to garner responses from millions of people who will do even a minimal amount of due diligence and discover the obvious fraud.  That would waste the culprit’s time and make the whole endeavor too time consuming to be profitable.  No, they make the email and the claims so obviously ludicrous that the only people who respond are those sufficiently gullible to end up forking over tens of thousands of dollars. The victims of these schemes may be rather dim, but the thieves are anything but.  They’re highly sophisticated in understanding how the human mind works and they are experts at manipulating it.  If they weren’t, the scam never would have taken off and tens of thousands of victims around the world wouldn’t be out of millions of dollars. 

Now replace the Nigerian Prince scam with Democrat party propaganda and you begin to see exactly what is going on. The Democrat party, along with their comrades in the media and academia and the regulatory state are the grifters sitting behind the computer screen spamming America with outlandish claims and promises of fortune, knowing that a certain element of the population are sufficiently gullible to believe them.

For fifty years Democrats told American women that men were superfluous to raising children but now that’s moot because men can have babies, genetic men are real women and prepubescent children are mature enough to consent to sex change operations. They tell us with a straight face that the “Woman of the Year” is a guy who used to be a mediocre men’s swimmer but who dominates when competing against real women.

For decades they told black Americans Democrats were their champions when even a modicum of research would reveal that it was the Democrats who started a war to keep blacks in chains, fought the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, started the KKK, wrote Jim Crow laws, and filibustered the Civil Rights Act. It was the Democrats whose policies destroyed the nuclear black family and eviscerated cities like Detroit, Chicago and others that were once engines of black advancement.  It was the Democrats who called for defunding the police and for “equity” in the justice system, severing the connection between actions and consequences and leaving the blood of thousands of black Americans on streets across the country.  And perhaps most treacherously of all, it was Democrats who told blacks that America is a systemically racist nation where they had no chance for success, sparking the worst racial tension in America in two generations.  And proving they disdain black voters, they tell black Americans their lives are at risk because of racist whites when every black person in America knows they have far more to fear from black males, and it’s not even close.  

Democrats constantly tell the middle class they’re being shafted because the rich didn’t pay their fair share, in reality the top 10% of income earners pay 71% of all federal income taxes while the bottom 50% pay a mere 3%.

They also tell us the border is secure while we watch thousands of people simply walk into the country and call anyone who notices a racist. 

Finally, in 2020 when Americans went to bed with Donald Trump ahead in the polls in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan only to wake up the next morning to find that Democrat run cities had stopped counting the votes and then magically when they restarted Biden was ahead.  Again, with straight faces they tell us a guy who couldn’t fill a phone booth for his rallies beat a guy whose supporters overflowed football stadiums across the country and the guys we see on video walking around with flags inside the Capitol on Jan 6th represent the biggest attack on America since 9/11.

The Nigerian Price scammers are pikers when compared to the Democrats. All they want is empty someone’s bank account.  Democrats want total control over everyone’s lives.

When the gullible give their money to the Nigerian Prince scammers it’s only their bank accounts that are being emptied, but when gullible and stupid voters give their votes to Democrats they’re undermining the Republic for the entire population.  The difference is, most of the marks who fall for the Prince scam learn their lessons and rarely make the same mistake twice while the marks who vote for Democrats continue to do it regardless of the damage they do.  There’s a word for that.