Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Hill to Die On: Will Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Take Their Oaths Seriously and Help Mo Brooks Save the Republic?

In 1776 56 brave patriots signed their names at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence; a document that spelled out the specifics as to why the 13 colonies were making a break with England and King George.

Signing that document was treason against the British and every single man, some with names you know, Benjamin Franklin, Sam Adams and of course John Hancock, and some you may not such as Thomas McKean, Button Gwinnett and Arthur Middleton, risked literal life, limb and property by doing so. Had the British prevailed, they very well may have ended their days in front of a firing squad or at the end of a hangman’s noose. Yet still they signed.

The interesting thing is, only about a quarter of the population actively supported the break with England at the time the Declaration was signed. Another quarter, largely those whose fortunes benefited greatly from the connection with England (which some of the signers did themselves) wanted to remain part of the Empire, while fully half the population were what we’d call today “undecided”.

The reality is, leaders do what these men and others did… they led, they fought and they went home and convinced their fellow citizens about the righteousness of their cause and inspired others to join the fight. And in the end, they prevailed, and in doing so they set forth a path that changed the course of human history, much for the better.

Today America finds itself in a place not so different from that which the thirteen colonies faced 246 years ago. While the thirteen disjointed colonies faced the greatest empire the world had ever known, patriots today face the greatest propaganda machine in human history: The Democrat / Media / Tech Industrial Complex.

There are two big differences however. The first is that the thirteen colonies had the benefit of 54 men who were willing to stand up and challenge the King and Parliament in order to do what they knew to be right. Today patriots find a largely barren wasteland of leaders who are willing to stand up as the Democrats and their cabal seek to steal an election in broad daylight.

The other difference is that in 1776 war was the last option available to the patriots. In 2020 patriots still have one last option before something drastic… and the odds of it succeeding are as slim as those faced by the thirteen tiny colonies taking on the most powerful empire in the world.

As the Hill detailed earlier in the week, there is a Constitutional tactic through which the Republic can be saved… and make no mistake, that is exactly what is at stake here.

The tactic involves senators and representatives using the procedures outlined in the Constitution and the Electoral Count Act (ECA) to delay the acceptance of the electors to a point where the House would then choose the President, with each state having a single vote. Given that Republicans control a majority of the state delegations Donald Trump would be declared the winner.

This would be a long and arduous process, something like Jimmy Stewart’s character in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” spending a month reading scripture. No doubt the patriots who choose this path will be tarred and feathered in the press, have their families doxed on social media, and very likely be thrown under the bus by Mitch McConnell and other “leaders” in their own party. In a word, for a while their lives would be made miserable for the crime of standing up to those who would steal the election from the American people.

That’s what real leaders do. That is what real patriots do. In the 200 plus years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the ratification of our Constitution, millions of men and women have put everything – up to and including their lives – on the line after swearing a military oath that starts with this: “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;” Congressmen and senators take a similar oath, but it’s very rare that they risk much of anything, let alone their lives, after doing so. Most senators and congressmen leave office far richer than when they entered politics or at a minimum are able to parlay their service into lucrative lobbying positions on K Street. Can one be a politician and a leader and a patriot simultaneously?

Now is the time for patriots who serve in Washington to actually show that they take their oath seriously. While the Communist Chinese may indeed have influenced our election, the real threat to the Republic, to the Constitution, is a domestic one and it presented itself on November 3rd when fraud changed the outcome of the presidential election. Beyond the God given rights protected by the Constitution nothing is as sacred to Americans as their right to vote. Period. Full stop.

If the integrity of our elections is lost then nothing else matters because at that point no one is accountable to voters, the rules and the Constitution ceases to be anything but a faded piece of paper. As such, now is the time for patriots in Washington to stand up and actually do that which they swore to do. No more assuming “We’ll win next time”. No more thinking the other side plays by the rules. No more assuming that everything will blow over and we’ll be back business as usual soon. No. This is the hill to die on because beyond this hill is a Stalinist tyranny like the one George Orwell warned us about. Tens of millions of Americans have seen the writing on the wall as written by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and AOC and other Democrats who seek to punish Trump supporters. Not sure? Think Stalinist purges can’t happen here? Think again. Look at what was done to Donald Trump over the last four years when every single Democrat involved knew that the charges were fiction. And he was (and is) a billionaire President loved by tens of millions and they only controlled ½ the legislature for ½ his term! Once in power imagine what they will do to average Americans who just trying to make ends meet and wants to be left alone, a small businessmen who just want to make a living, or senators or congressmen who stand in the way of their plans for domination…

There is nothing usual about America in 2020 and what we’ve just experienced was not just another election loss. It was a coup in the literal sense of the word and the Democrats were willing to do it right in front of us because they were pretty sure that no one would do anything about it. This is a call for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and all ostensibly Republican senators join Congressman Mo Brooks and his army to show Democrats that they were wrong in their calculations and that you take your oath seriously and will fight to protect the United States from these domestic enemies of freedom. It will be challenging and there will be countless people seeking to derail you, from both sides of the aisle. No doubt the media, friends and maybe even some family may seek to knock you from the path – as Benjamin Franklin’s son sought to do with him – but if you keep the faith, if you fight the good fight, we will win and when the history of the 2020 election is written you will find yourselves in the same company as those 56 intrepid men, they having birthed our nation and you having saved it.

Monday, December 14, 2020

When the Republic is on the Line Will the GOP be the Party of Neville Chamberlain or Winston Churchill?

The GOP today is the party of Donald Trump, but some Republicans just don’t know it yet. The failed GOP, the one that nominated John McCain and Mitt Romney for the Presidency, is dead.  Good riddance to it. The GOP survives this day only because Donald Trump rescued it in 2016. 

Some have suggested that if Joe Biden is sworn in that Donald Trump should start his own party.  Absolutely not!  Why go through the process building an entirely new party when instead he can clear out all the splinters of driftwood from the party of Abraham Lincoln?  There are, after all, far more Trump supporters than “traditional” GOP supporters.  Let the RINOs and squishes and the traitors in the Lincoln Project start their own party and see how much support they find. 

As part of this new reality, if the GOP wants the county to avoid a civil war or secession, wants the Republic to survive, or wants to avoid the United States of 2021 becoming the Weimar republic of 1933, they must do their Constitutional duty.  And that duty is to object to the electors of the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada when Congress meets on January 6th. 

In that meeting Congress will count the votes of electors from the various states and certify the winner of the election who will then officially become President Elect.  During normal times this is a rubber stamp process that basically certifies what was clear from the first Tuesday in November. 

But this time it’s anything but normal.  The only thing clear about the first Tuesday in November is that a fraud was perpetrated on the American people.  As such, Congress has an obligation to put things right.  But sadly the Constitution does not give Congress a great deal of leeway in terms of actually doing anything at that point, at least not when the houses are divided between parties.  Objections can be raised about any state’s electors assuming it’s raised by one senator and one congressman.  The problem is however, throwing out electors takes the approval of both houses, which there is virtually zero chance of achieving with Democrats in charge of the House.

The solution can be found by looking back to Watergate.  Richard Nixon resigned because he knew he would likely be impeached and found guilty following the Supreme Court’s ruling that the tapes had to be released.  It was then that it became clear that a sufficient number of GOP senators would vote to convict and that fighting was likely futile.  And that was only because by that point a majority of Americans supported impeachment.  The entire process took two and a half years from the break in to his resignation. 

Sadly, we don’t have two and a half years today.  We have three weeks to convince Americans about the fact that this election was indeed stolen and convince a dozen Democrat members of the House to support the objections to the electors submitted by those five rouge states.

And how do we accomplish that, particularly with a media hell-bent on ignoring the fraud?  By focusing on getting the message out to voters in places where races were tight.  We already we know that 17% of Biden voters inswing states would have changed their votes had they known about various issuesthe media buried. What will those same constituents think when they are shown the proof of fraud as well as the news on Hunter Biden that now has miraculously reemerged?  By the President, the GOP and their various supporters in the media and on social media being laser focused on constituencies where House Democrats won with the slimmest of margins, the GOP can seek to impel those representatives to seriously consider the proof. 

One thing is particularly important to note about the “failures” the media triumphs about the Trump team in front of the courts thus far.  While the fraud allegations have gone nowhere, that doesn't mean they’re false.  By design courts are not set up to work fast. Cases typically take time to prepare in a way that is consistent with court procedures, which is often the opposite of common sense. There is an extraordinary amount of anecdotal evidence that something is amiss, but demonstrating that in a court at lightning speed is difficult. It's like trying to build the wing of a plane while you're taking off. Prosecutors can take months building a case against someone for relatively simple crimes, and this is anything but.

Take the Fulton County, GA video for example. We all saw the video. Officials have said that there was no deception going on, but every American watched reports on election night stating that the counting had been stopped due to a "water main break". That turned out to not be true. Officials say that no one was asked or told to leave but we see the observers leaving en masse basically at the same time and telling everyone that they were told work was done for the night, which it clearly wasn’t.  And the video looks to show that someone ran through a stack of ballots multiple times.  At the end of the day Americans (including Democrats) can see with their own eyes that something unusual is going on with those "suitcases".

Add to all of that the plethora of anecdotal evidence of fraud and the fact that Democrats have literally spent decades trying to loosen the safeguards for voting security, such as opposing Voter ID, pushing for mail in balloting, same day registration, etc and it most definitely looks like the Democrats have been up to something deceitful. Then there is the time and resources that they spent trying to destroy the President with the Russian collusion hoax and the impeachment... Taken together all of this suggests that the Democrats will stop at nothing, illegal or otherwise in order to get Trump out of Washington.

Getting to the bottom of that all takes time and time is not something the President's team has. Their track record has been less than stellar, but unlike Florida in 2000 there is not one issue in one locale to focus on. This involves a minimum of 5 states, dozens of counties and hundreds or thousands of precincts.  Our court system is not set up to adjudicate fraud on this scale overnight, or even within a few weeks. 

As such, the GOP has an obligation to assure the American people that their voices will be heard.  Congress has an obligation to ensure that the selection of the President of the United States is legal and done according to the rules set forth in the United States Constitution and not by the machinations of scheming partisans in the dead of night, malicious computer code and the intervention of the Chinese Communist Party.  

If GOP congressmen and senators cannot or will not challenge the legitimacy of the elections then they deserve to be sent out to pasture.  If they do not do their duty of saving the Republic, on January 20th Donald Trump should announce that he is running for reelection in 2024 and that he will work to primary every single senator, congressman and governor who has not supported the cause.

Of course it may all be for naught if Biden is actually sworn in.  In 1933 Adolph Hitler was legally appointed Chancellor of Germany and immediately began the march towards tyranny.  The difference is, the Nazis hid their plans before they took power (at least as to the extent of the havoc they were prepared to wreak and their hatred for the Jews) while the Democrats have already told us what they are going to do:  Pack the Supreme Court, add four new Democrat senators, ban guns, defund the police and open the borders… All of this before they harness the Voting Rights Act to try and take control of the nation’s voting infrastructure.  

Examples abound from Putin to Chavez to Erdogan of dictators hiding their steel grip on power behind the fig leaf of “fair elections”.  If the GOP Senators and Representatives in Congress allow the blatant Democrat fraud in the 2020 elections to stand they should be primaried or impeached.  Either way, the GOP might never win another election and they will be responsible for the death of the Republic, whether it’s smothered in a web of partisan bureaucratic tyranny or it catches fire in a raging civil war. While the juxtaposition of Chamberlain and Churchill make for a vivid contrast of visions and actions that face Republicans, in reality it is Von Hindenburg they will be mimicking, as it was he who handed the reins of power to the Nazis. 

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Watching History Unfold: The Berlin Wall, 9/11 and a Fraudulent Joe Biden Victory

History is usually written long after historical events played themselves out in real life. It’s rare, but not uncommon, to understand the gravity of historical events as they are actually happening.

For example, I was in the Army and stationed in West Germany when the Berlin Wall came down in November of 1989. It was of course news where we were, but I don’t think many of us in Rheinberg really understood that the epochal event of our generation was playing itself out only a few hundred miles away. We look back at it today as the touchstone that it is… the beginning of death knell and collapse of the Soviet Union. But at the time most of us didn’t recognize it as such.

That’s likely because for all of my life, and most of my parents’ lives the Soviet Union was the grand villain, the ubiquitous enemy, a fount of evil that simply was. It was the perpetual enemy to be feared above all else and it was the reason I and hundreds of thousands of others spent weeks, months or years training to counter attacks coming from Poland or East Germany or the Soviet Union itself.

In an environment where the Soviets being enemies was as natural as gravity, it was hard to see the fall of the Wall changing the world. But it did. September 11 was something different altogether. Most of the country was going about its normal business that morning, another mundane Tuesday that didn’t look to be particularly different from any other… Then the first plane hit. It was a stunning event, but for a moment we thought that it was a tragedy of an accident. The kind of bad thing that sometimes happens. The moment the second plane hit everyone in America knew something was going on, we were being attacked and that in one form or another, we were at war with someone.

In short order Americans found out that this was a new, non traditional enemy that would use brutal tactics to achieve its goal of our destruction. When those two buildings, those two signs of American strength and prosperity came down, we knew the world had changed.

And now we sit here two decades later and we are at a point in history no less important than the fall of the Berlin Wall or the attack on the Twin Towers. When the Soviets or the Islamic terrorists were the enemy we understood exactly what was at stake: our nation and our culture. Today, both of those things are in peril, but in a far more pernicious way.

The danger today strikes at the very foundation of our Republic, and indeed the Republic itself.

Most Americans don’t quite recognize that the exercise of the various God given rights we enjoy is not protected by the 231 year old document displayed in the National Archives, but rather by the fact that most Americans choose to respect the government and institutions that have been built on that document’s words. While the police and other government officials play a role in dealing with outliers, for the most part Americans pay their taxes, obey the law and avoid confrontations with their neighbors voluntarily. They understand they are part of neighborhoods, communities and a country based on laws that find their foundation (mostly) in the Constitution and values that find their inspiration in the Declaration of Independence.

Americans follow the rules not because of stormtroopers stationed on every corner enforcing diktats from above, but because the Constitution gives them a say in their government and their leaders. As such, even though Americans generally have a negative perception of Congress (18% approval rating) they remain engaged because every two years they have an opportunity to “throw the bums out!” And while they almost never actually do that, Americans feel like they have a say.

But what happens when citizens feel like their right to have a say is gone? What happens when citizens who already have a dim view of government in general have to sit by helplessly as they watch widespread fraud steal that right to say out from under them? What happens when citizens go to bed with one candidate comfortably ahead only to discover in the morning that in a nation with over 3,000 counties the mysterious midnight machinations of a dozen counties flip the election to the other guy? Particularly when data suggests that such an outcome is less likely than finding life on Mars.

When citizens no longer feel like they have a say in their government, when they feel like their government has been stolen right out from in front of them, they no longer feel an obligation to live their lives by the framework laid out in the Constitution. There have always been Americans who have felt wronged or disenfranchised or powerless and decide to act in ways that are… anti social, but they’ve largely been extreme outliers. What happens when fully half of the population feels like they have been disenfranchised and were forced to watch the theft play out right in front of them while politicians told them “Nothing to see here”?

The Revolutionary War occurred when the British sought to quash the economic and political freedoms the colonies had established over the previous century and a half. Despite attempts by the likes of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams to bridge the gap before it became a schism, the colonials had finally had enough and the Declaration of Independence became the foundation for a new nation. It was an uphill battle from the start with much of the population uncertain about which side to support. But eventually freedom won the day and eventually our Constitution birthed our Republic.

One wonders, after spending decades watching Democrats setting the table for this fraud (opposing voter ID laws, pushing for same day registration, expanding voting periods and encouraging mail in balloting) how Republicans and other freedom loving Americans will react to this theft? It’s one thing to lose an election that appears largely aboveboard, even when you vehemently dislike the other guy… but it’s another to have the election stolen from you when your eyes, common sense and reams of data suggest your guy won. If we were talking about dog catcher or a state senator this would probably not matter. But we’re talking about the head of the most powerful government in the world, whose reach extends from your kitchen table to the moon, literally. Make no mistake, beyond the typical election issues such as taxes and job creation and confrontation with or supplication to China, the real issue that is at stake is our Republic: Court packing, new states and the spectrum of federal power to coerce states and local governments. And of course vote fraud.

Americans have always taken comfort in the face of election losses because our Constitution gives them the opportunity to do a better job of making their argument, getting out the vote or selecting a better candidate next time. There was always hope. But not this time. If Democrats are allowed to steal this election in plain sight, then all is lost, including hope. No hope for honest elections. No hope for redemption. No hope for freedom. George Orwell said “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” If Democrats are allowed to steal this election then America’s past becomes a fiction of hate, America’s present becomes a reality of lies, deceit and coercion and America’s future becomes one of oppression and subjugation. That is exactly what our Constitution was written to be a bulwark against which is why Democrats have sought to undermine it for decades. Such are the things revolutions are made of, and this time we're watching history being made - and we all know it.