Monday, July 11, 2016

A Nation is Calling: Ted Cruz Should Launch a Coup d'état

Ted Cruz has agreed to speak at the GOP convention.

Ted Cruz has maneuvered himself into a speaking spot at the GOP convention.

I’m not sure which of those statements is true. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Ted Cruz is speaking at the convention and will be speaking to much of the nation at the same time. It is an historic opportunity for him and for the nation… and he should not waste it.

The nation is at a precarious point in history. From racial strife to leadership on the world stage to economic stagnation to failing, dysfunctional government to open borders, the US as a functioning nation is in peril. Perhaps not the same peril as Venezuela or Greece – yet – but in peril nonetheless. The federal government continues to take more and more of our money while imposing more and more control over our lives, turning the country into a nation of calcified robots going through the motions of life. Incomes stagnate while working hours increase – for those who choose to or can find work – while the number of those who choose not to or simply stop looking grows. At the top of the income spectrum the rich manipulate Rube Goldberg laws and regulations to grow stratospherically richer and bureaucrats pad their tax payer provided nest eggs. At the bottom the poor get an endless array of subsidies while the middle class watch helplessly as their American dreams slip away in the form of increasing taxes, regulation and diminishing opportunity.

The country is in a desperate place as the economic and individual freedoms that have been the hallmarks of American prosperity and success fade into ancient history. The United States needs someone to stand up and make a full throated defense of American liberty. We need someone to stand up and make a compelling case for small, limited government. We need someone to stand in front of the American people and make a fierce argument for American values of hard work, private property, free markets and the rule of law. But most of all we need someone to stand up and make a passionate case for American Exceptionalism. Next to Thomas Sowell Ted Cruz may be the best man in the country to make those arguments. He should take that stage and leave not a single mind in the audience unconvinced that the United States is indeed the greatest nation in the history of the world. That is what he should do…

But that’s not all. Before that he should launch a coup d'état. Not on the country, but on the GOP. By now everyone knows that Donald Trump has won enough delegates to win the GOP nomination. True. But the fact of the matter is, the Convention Rules Committee meets this week and a coup is actually possible. It only takes the support of 28 of the 112 members to put an issue in front of the convention. In this case, freeing the delegates to vote their consciences rather than as their voters polled. At that point Ted Cruz could unambiguously make his case. That may be a lousy way to run a party and a nominating process, but we wouldn’t be in this position if the GOP establishment had bothered to close primaries to GOP voters rather than letting Democrats pick the nominee. In addition, if Trump was denied, his voters would be livid and would likely stay home or might even vote for Hillary Clinton. So be it. The goal here is not to win the GOP nomination, but to win the White House and attempt to save the country.

This is particularly plausible now that James Comey has done the nation a great service – even if he did it unknowingly. By not indicting Hillary Clinton he has kept her in the race while laying bare all the reasons why she should have actually been indicted. People often mistake a jury’s decision of “Not Guilty” for “Innocent”. While someone may both be judged “Not Guilty” and actually be innocent, in reality those are two separate. OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony were judged “Not Guilty” by juries, but few people believe either of them are innocent of their crimes. The problem was vapid juries and or incompetent prosecutors or both. In either case the number of Americans who would wish to invite said “Not Guilty” persons to live in their guest rooms is likely relatively small.

So too with Hillary Clinton. With the facts laid out by the FBI and focused by the House and Senate committees, it’s obvious to most Americans that Hillary Clinton has little respect for the rule of law, is a lying, scheming manipulative politician who will do and say pretty much anything to get what she wants. Whether it’s Benghazi or her email lies or her apparent fondness for throwing ashtrays in the White House, most Americans do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton. Comey’s attempt to protect her from a jury’s verdict has only made that feeling worse.

The problem for the nation however, is that the GOP is about to nominate someone Americans seem to like even less than Hillary! It’s like your daughter coming home with two prospective dates… Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler… how the hell do you pick between them? Imagine if she added a third choice, say… Bernie Madoff! You’d wrap your arms around that guy like he was your best friend… hell, even your family members who lost fortunes might welcome him into their homes too.

But of course Ted Cruz is not Bernie Madoff. He’s an actual, real live conservative who can articulately make a compelling case for small government, for individual freedom and free markets. But more importantly, he is a brilliant debater who would eviscerate Hillary Clinton on the debate stage. He’s a Constitutional scholar who would deftly expose her lies and obfuscation. He is a brilliant wordsmith who could easily and clearly demonstrate to a majority of the American people how much better off the nation would be with him in the White House rather than Hillary Clinton. None of those are things Donald Trump could do.

With a severely damaged Hillary Clinton it’s possible that the incoherent Donald Trump could stumble into the White House, but it’s even more likely he will simply be himself and put her there. With Ted Cruz making the case for voting for freedom there’s no chance that would happen. The nation is begging for a real alternative to Hillary Clinton.  The time is now for Ted Cruz to put to work those skills he forged on the debate team and in front of the US Supreme Court. Everything he’s done has been preparation for saving his country from a disaster… his moment is now. Let’s hope he takes it.

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  1. I'm not sure how I found this blog, but you must have said something I liked in the past. Now could you possibly be more disconnected from reality?

    The GOP is a failed party. EVERY time they go up and give us talks about smaller government, cutting taxes, protecting our rights, then we vote them in and they proceed to curl up in a little ball whenever the democrats want to increase the size of government, raise taxes, or steal away our rights. They don't even fight it half the time, and when they do, they never articulate the issue well and come off as the bad guys. Then they blame US, whining that they only have the house, or they only have the senate, or they don't have the white house.

    We are sick of their failure and their cowardice, and that's why Trump won. Trump isn't afraid. He's taking EVERYONE on in both parties and winning because we're sick of the status quo. Where has Cruz been the last few months? What has he had to say about Hillary, Warren, or BLM? When was the last time he was willing to say what everyone knows is true - that Hillary is a criminal, that Mexico is sending us criminals, that we need to stop importing muslims from every god forsaken desert nation that dreams of wiping us off the face of the planet? Blah blah blah small government - sure, Ted. Which bureau was he going to shut down first again? What has Cruz done to deserve the nomination? Nothing. He lost to Trump by a WIDE margin, even with Kasich running interference on his behalf, but still you want to hand the nomination to him on a silver platter. Great idea. Let's piss off the bulk of our electorate, which again, voted for Trump because it is sick of the exact kind of political stunt you are suggesting. Why not just save us all the trouble and crown Hillary now? Then Cruz can go up and give us speeches about how great the constitution is while Hillary's supreme court whites out the first and second amendments. But you'll feel like such a strong conservative.